What I Do

Me with the GH1 on the Velbon Ultra PodWhat’s Happening?
So many seem to be writing, taking pictures, shooting video and recording audio. They’re talking to each other. They’re building communities with their content. And it’s all happening online.
These people have noticed that advertising revenue is down, newspaper and print sales are down and at the same time online readership and revenue is up. This does not look like it’s set to change. Documentally.com offers talks, workshops, mobile documenting and social tech solutions so you can join in with your chosen community. Workshops cover topics like shooting video for the web, Storymaking with a mobile device and how to take better photos with a mobile phone.

How can I help?
We live habitually in a state of information overload. In this constantly evolving digital world there’s always more than we can cope with. I can help you navigate this new world, explain what social technology is, what tools are available and how you can use them to engage with your community.

How do I do it?
Whether through consultation (visiting you in-house or on location), a presentation, or through an informal training session, I will listen to you to see what you do and research your ‘digital footprint’. Then together we work out the best way forward for you and your company/publication. Helping you to build an audience, make your media mobile, to place yourself on the devices in the pockets of your viewers, listeners or readers.

Why me?

Originally a professional photographer for the UK dailies, now a multi tasking communicator and early adopter, I’ve been called “..one of the freshest and most dynamic voices exploring new and social media.. and even “The king of geek reporting”. Not my words but I do know i’m incredibly passionate about what I do.

Having spent years experimenting with multiple social networking platforms I now talk and give workshops on Social Technology Internationally. My past projects include documenting the plight of Iraqi refugees for the United Nations; Video Blogging for the British Council in Pakistan and working alongside Reuters on groundbreaking political projects with Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

I champion story making with mobile devices and although a card carrying member of the National Union of Journalists I prefer to be called a blogger as I mainly self publish across multiple platforms.

This year I have talked on technology at various events internationally and given workshops on video for the web and social media practices as well as live reporting/documenting the refugee crisis from inside Syria.

With a hand in all things social tech- I pride myself in being eclectically equipped enough to produce the right digital strategy for you.

Photograph of Christian Payne taken by Geert Van Kesteren

Here is a talk I did at Thinking Digital 2010..

Feel free to call +44 7731 313163 for a quick quote or email me by clicking here