001 – Go to a pub dressed as a Stormtrooper

001 - Go to a pub dressed as a Stormtrooper

My full 40at40 list is here on OurManInside.com This blog text is taken from here For me my ’40 at 40′ list is an excuse to do forty crazy or unusual things in a year where people think I might perhaps be losing the plot. If it’s on a list it’s premeditated and can’t be confused with those […]

Royal Wedding Street Party

While visiting friends in the village of Belton, Leicestershire, I experienced a street party … I took photos on my FujiFilm X100. It’s super discreet and having the fixed lens makes you work that little bit harder to get in close while all the time allowing you to really get to know the focal length. […]

Bottle-Kicking in Hallaton

On the 25th of February 2008, on a cold bright morning, I visited the village of Hallaton in Leicestershire. I was told to expect something strange. A field full of violent people, small kegs of beer called ‘bottles’ and man with a rabbit on a stick were also mentioned. How could I not go? They […]

Bicester Village – Shopping and the credit crunch

Today I visited Bicester Village in Oxfordshire. I was primarily there to grab some cheap shoes and a shirt but whilst browsing the stores it was suggested (via twitter) by @Lauradee that i should interview a few people regarding the credit crunch. So I did. All went well (I even manged to treat myself to […]