The Mu Folding Charger

Mu Duo Charger

I can’t remember the last time I went out without my phone. I think it was in that brief period when I thought running would be fun. As many in the same like of work, I am not only attached to the device and what it can do, I’ve also become aware of it’s limitations. […]

Sawyer Mini Water Filter (a mini review)

Sawyer mini filter

Never buy bottled water again. (There is a version of this article on the Guardian) I’m pleased to say I haven’t had to buy bottled water for a while. There are so many reasons why I think we shouldn’t buy water in plastic bottles. For starters, it’s not good for us or the planet we live […]

Towards Syria


While the world’s news is again preoccupied with North Korea, confirmation is seeping out of Washington that Assad has in fact used sarin gas on suburbs of Damascus and elsewhere, in what it calls a “small scale” chemical weapons attack. I’m not sure if 20+ people killed by chemical weapons would be considered “small” if […]

Breezing through airport security

walking from the plane

I’ve been trying to smooth my transition through airport security recently and in these couple of months I feel like I have it cracked. The time before the liquid restrictions came in seems like a different world. In many ways it was. Recently I’ve been to Austria, Turkey for a week, Sweden for four separate […]

iPhone 5 Vs the iPhone 4s: With Photos in mind.

A fisherman on a market in Turkey. Edited with Snapseed

There are no images of the iPhone 5 in this blog post. I imagine you have seen one by now and know what it looks like. This is certainly not the normal phone review due to some interesting realisations that forced me to change the way I look at comparing the iPhone 4s to the […]

The Tom Bihn Tri-Star Carry-on Travel Bag

Tom Bihn logo

[Disclaimer] This video is more of a quick look than a review. I have no personal connection with Tom Bihn and this bag was sent to me free of charge. I only paid import duty, but don’t let that lead you to think I haven’t been anything other than honest with my opinion. I already […]

Serendipity Lives Here

Serendipity Lives Here

ser·en·dip·i·ty/ˌserənˈdipitē/ The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way: “a fortunate stroke of serendipity”. Just like Aleks Krotoski in her BBC Radio4 series The Digital Human, I’ve been fascinated with Serendipity for a good chunk of my life. I don’t remember the first time I ever heard the word, […]

If You Can Fix Soles, You Can Save Lives.


If my Granddad were still alive this year, we’d be celebrating his hundredth birthday. We often made fun that his birth was the second major disaster of 1912. When he died he took a thousand stories with him. And just as many songs. He was a guarded man. The few stories we shared only offered […]

Scottevest and the trip of your life

Here is a competition I couldn’t ignore. A $10,000 pot from Scottevest for one lucky person to take the trip of their lifetime and document as they go. I never enter competitions and could easily talk my way out of winning this one by saying I feel I’ve been to most of the countries I’ve ever wanted […]

Location Based Apps for the Homeless

During the 90’s I spent a lot of time ‘roughing it’ and wandering Europe. I’d walk between France, Switzerland and Germany sleeping under the stars and making money where I could. If you’ve ever read Narcissus and Goldmund  by Hesse you’ll get the idea. I starting writing a book called the ‘Blaggers Guid To The […]