Reinventing Communication & Protecting Community

For me a community is not tied to a geographical area. It’s more an area of common life. I live across a number of communities.  Family, friends, work, and a number of geeky tech loving groups who exist both on the web and in physical space. Some hold a fellowship of solidarity and trust. Others […]

Rally Up – Location Based Social Networking

It’s late but I just had to throw a few words here to say how quietly excited I am about the latest instalment in location based iPhone apps. Rally Up seems to have a couple things that Foursquare and Gowalla don’t have. Firstly the 12Seconds.tv team at the helm but also a serious consideration for privacy. As with other […]

The Future Of Social Networking

This is not science fiction. This technology exists in separate devices now. I know that, you know that, but show this to someone outside of social networking and other such geekery and it would blow their socks off. I remember earlier this year whilst touring with the GetAmbition team Bill Thompson talked about Augmented Reality enabled contact […]

Vodafone 360

The dust has just about settled after the Vodafone 360 launch and after having no clue at all as to what I was going to see, I now have much more of an idea and am genuinely excited about what is in the pipeline for mobile users. I’ve never really subscribed to the platforms spawned […]

Were Secret Societies The First Social Networks?

I am not a Freemason but i have been asked more than once to don the apron and swear the oaths.. I have also been told that Freemasonry is not a secret society, It is a society with secrets. Never-the-less, it was the thought of being admitted to a secret society that attracted me to […]

Electric Empathy.

Attempting to stay offline. I say attempt as as yet I am not able to succeed in any major fashion. I have come away on holiday with family to Canada and really want to do my best for those who do not understand (or care much for) social networking and it’s incessant need to be […]