The UN World Food Programme are looking for vloggers to take part in their international video competition entitled Hungerbytes!  They hold the competition every year in partnership with Youtube. It's open to all but you have to be 18 to claim the prize of a trip into the field to witness the work that's being done to help chronically hungry people. (Last year 3 girls travelled Continue Reading

Longplayer Live at The Roundhouse

Longplayer Live is an incredible endeavor. I first blogged about it here. A single composition playing for 1000 years. It started in 1999 and on the 12th of September I was invited by Artangel to blog about it live. It was a great day. It was a long day. 1000 minutes of 1000 years. You can find some Audioboo's by myself and others tagged with Longplayer here and some of my Flickr images Continue Reading

Longplayer Live

On the back of a bus in 1995 a guy called Jem Finer had an idea. Nearly five years later in 1999, on the verge of the third millennium that idea came to life as a thousand year long musical composition was set into motion. Longplayer is a piece of music that’s been playing since 31 December 1999 and will keep playing until 31 December 2999. The composer Jem Finer created it in such a way that it Continue Reading

Video For The Web

Advertising revenue is down, newspapers are struggling and as the economy takes a downturn production costs are up, at the same time online readership and revenue continue to rise. So what's the answer? Go where the eyes are. Whether you are writing, taking pictures, shooting video or recording audio you can build communities with your content. But only if you take it online. Three years ago Continue Reading

David Cameron On Social Media

I guess I should not be surprised that the leader of a political party should contradict himself. It happens all the time. In the case of David Cameron and his twitter comment though.."Too many twits make a twat.." It doesn't seem that long ago that Mr Cameron was extolling to me the virtues of social media. Listen! I'm not sure how we can believe anything he said in the Audioboo interview when he Continue Reading

Happy Birthday George Orwell

Once again it's June the 25th. I spent most of the day doing the same thing I did this time last year and this time the year before last..  I had a picnic at the Grave of Eric Arthur Blair aka George Orwell. Today is his birthday and for the last couple of years I've met with Dr John Perivolaris to pay our respects to the great writer and talk about the years events around surveillance and civil Continue Reading