Longplayer Live

On the back of a bus in 1995 a guy called Jem Finer had an idea. Nearly five years later in 1999, on the verge of the third millennium that idea came to life as a thousand year long musical composition was set into motion. Longplayer is a piece of music that’s been playing since […]

Video For The Web

Advertising revenue is down, newspapers are struggling and as the economy takes a downturn production costs are up, at the same time online readership and revenue continue to rise. So what’s the answer? Go where the eyes are. Whether you are writing, taking pictures, shooting video or recording audio you can build communities with your […]

David Cameron On Social Media

I guess I should not be surprised that the leader of a political party should contradict himself. It happens all the time. In the case of David Cameron and his twitter comment though..“Too many twits make a twat..” It doesn’t seem that long ago that Mr Cameron was extolling to me the virtues of social […]

Happy Birthday George Orwell

Once again it’s June the 25th. I spent most of the day doing the same thing I did this time last year and this time the year before last..  I had a picnic at the Grave of Eric Arthur Blair aka George Orwell. Today is his birthday and for the last couple of years I’ve […]

Paul Carr – 140 characters conference New York

When I told people I was to be sat on a panel with Paul Carr from the Guardian a couple responded.. “Paul Carr? He’s a bit of a dick.” “What makes you say that?” I asked. “It says so on his twitter profile.” Fair enough I thought, but when I met him he was just […]

Jeff Pulver – 140 Conference New York

Jeff Pulver, the chairman and founder of Pulver.com was the main man behind the 140 characters conference in New York that brought together Twitter users from all over the world. New york was the first of the 140 Characters conference and others are planned in both London and Los Angeles. Originally the event was to […]

My Gran is on Twitter

My Grandmother is on twitter. Not in the conventional sense.. kicking back with a Macbook Pro, tweetdeck running on a separate screen. No, my Nonna only really geeks out on her sewing machine. It’s the only tech she can really operate with confidence. With everything else it’s “Computer says no..” She can’t really operate the […]

The Future Of Social Media

Whilst at the first ever ‘Network of Networks’ entitled Amplified 08. I took the opportunity to question some of the social media practitioners that were there. I asked.. “What is the future of social media?” Thanks to NESTA for hosting such a great event and for all the people who took part. I have embedded […]


On the 25th of September 2008 myself and Matt (@Barnstormed) found ourselves at the first ever Twestival at the Doon Bar, Trafalger Square London. Here is one of the videos we shot that night. On the 12th of February 2009 Twestival really grows up, as cities all around the world will be hosting their own […]

Politics and Social Media.

Do politicians really understand how to use social media? Those of us versed in these new ways of online communication know that any political figure who can truly and completely adopt social media methods would have a formidable secret weapon in their arsenal. A weapon that would have to be adopted across all the battling […]