The Future of Audioboo is Uncertain

Me and Mark Rock

The future of Audioboo is uncertain. Like most online spaces. But Audioboo isn't like most online spaces. This page of blurted sentiment and opinion will probably seem a bit much to some. Perhaps I'm over reacting because something I deeply care about is threatened. I first blogged about Audioboo four years ago, not long after it's launch. I embraced it immediately, wholeheartedly, and Continue Reading

The Isolated – Are you one?

Not sure if you have read this article in the Guardian. It's a new article based on and old statement that's been floating around for a while. I imagine it's resurfaced due to the book 'Alone Together' hitting the UK shelves soon. Either that or there is little new comment to report on. In some ways for those Continue Reading

Into 2011

(This blog post also exists in shorter form on the Guardian's website.) 2010 saw massive adoption of social media channels. Not all the right ones in my mind but nevertheless people were saturating themselves with the social web and it felt almost normal to be a geek. We learnt that changing your avatar green just stopped your friends recognising you. Politicians are as engaging online as they Continue Reading

End to End – The Vodafone FreeBees Challenge

In late November 2010 I was challenged by Vodafone to travel from Lands End to John o'Groats with no money or food. I was given five  £10 pay-as-you-go FreeBees SIM cards to use as currency and I bartered my way for 900 miles using social media. I took only my iPhone 4 for photos, video and audio and a macbook air 11" to edit on the move. Thanks to @RichardMackney and @Buddhamagnet there was a Continue Reading

Politics In The Social Media Playground

We may never know the Impact social media had in shaping our new rather bewildering government. Maybe it reached a lethargic non-voting population and changed their minds. Perhaps it taught the party campaigners to engage with more mobile tools in order to rally their troops. Maybe all it did was introduce other channels of communication to the mix. All I know is it certainly played a part. Continue Reading

The Right Way To Do A Photography Competition

Once under duress I posted the following photo into Amateur Photographer magazine and won the competition entitled (Underground). Then the year before last, I posted a photo taken on my N95 (through my sunglasses) into a french competition and won a laptop.. I never received the laptop but still thought I would quit while I was ahead and have never felt inspired enough to enter any more Continue Reading