The Isolated – Are you one?

Not sure if you have read this article in the Guardian. http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2011/jan/22/social-networking-cyber-scepticism-twitter It’s a new article based on and old statement that’s been floating around for a while. I imagine it’s resurfaced due to the book ‘Alone Together’ hitting the UK shelves soon. Either that or there is little new comment to report on. In […]


This sizzle is being talked about all over the place at the moment. The pilot for this series has not even been made, and yet people are wishing their lives away in order to get closer to some kind of release date. Warren Ellis calls it  “Your favourite new TV show“. I am reposting the […]

A Head Sized Box

Station X

StationX in its modern incarnation was born on the 16th of February 2009. The intention was to create a social media geek-meet, offering access to Bletchley Park for bloggers, tech lovers and social media types, in return for helping amplify Bletchley Park’s online campaign. With this common cause in mind, approximately once a month a […]


The other week while on assignment at Reuters with @sizemore, I was talking to @ilicco about how the more kit i try to juggle the more diluted the content can become. I was sat at the front of an almost exciting talk from the FSA with laptop, iPhone, N95, Kodak Zi6 and a pocket camera. […]


AudioBoo has me excited. It fills a gap, it’s a missing link, and while we wait for a good quality audio/video (maybe VideoBoo) on an non-jailbroken iPhone.. This is going to keep me more than occupied. Audioboo is an audio blogging platform in the shape of an iPhone app that was in private beta in […]

The Future Of Social Media

Whilst at the first ever ‘Network of Networks’ entitled Amplified 08. I took the opportunity to question some of the social media practitioners that were there. I asked.. “What is the future of social media?” Thanks to NESTA for hosting such a great event and for all the people who took part. I have embedded […]

2008 a journey with friends

The Documentally podcast in it’s iTunes form started in 2006, i started video blogging and using twitter in 2007 but it was 2008 that felt like social media really took off for me. Maybe because I felt like I was no longer just a photographer. My ability to take photos and document things was now […]

Politics and Social Media.

Do politicians really understand how to use social media? Those of us versed in these new ways of online communication know that any political figure who can truly and completely adopt social media methods would have a formidable secret weapon in their arsenal. A weapon that would have to be adopted across all the battling […]

PM in the AM

Thomson Reuters is hosted a NewsMaker event on the present economic crisis and in addition to it’s regular text, streaming video and picture coverage, they opened up their doors and minds to social media. In addition to making live and edited video content available worldwide over the web, myself (@Documentally) and Mike Atherton (@sizemore) were […]