Good shoes are no mean feat


Humans have been protecting their feet with some kind of covering for at least 26,000 years. Some studies of the bones of ancient humans suggest as long as 40,000 years. The Egyptians were the first to take this seriously, creating pads of leather or papyrus bound to the foot with two straps. Depending on region […]

If You Can Fix Soles, You Can Save Lives.


If my Granddad were still alive this year, we’d be celebrating his hundredth birthday. We often made fun that his birth was the second major disaster of 1912. When he died he took a thousand stories with him. And just as many songs. He was a guarded man. The few stories we shared only offered […]

How To Tie Your Shoelaces ..Better.

My laces kept coming undone.. I obviously wasn’t tying them right.