Documenting Events – Kit List


The following kit list is what I packed before heading up to Gateshead for Thinking Digital 2015. Some of these links below are Amazon affiliate links. Please don't purchase anything on a whim. Read other reviews first. I’m not saying all this gear is what you would need to document an event. It’s just some of the kit I'm having fun experimenting with. There are also some multiples as I try to Continue Reading

The Mu Folding Charger

Mu Duo Charger

I can’t remember the last time I went out without my phone. I think it was in that brief period when I thought running would be fun. As many in the same like of work, I am not only attached to the device and what it can do, I've also become aware of it’s limitations. Especially when it comes to power. If like me you use your phone to view, create and share multimedia you’ll be lucky if your Continue Reading

Wee Haz Power – The urine powered battery

A packet of batteries

  My survival kit now contains more than just the basics and it's inevitable that for some emergency gear like flashlights, GPS etc, you need power. As well as a small Powerfilm solar panel, I also need batteries. I first saw the Nopopo (NO POlution POwer) batteries a couple of years ago but had not seen them anywhere to buy till recently. I ordered a packet of 4 AA batteries  for ??12 Continue Reading

Flexible Solar Charging With @Select_Solar & @PowerMonkeys

Flexible Solar Charging With @Select_Solar & @PowerMonkeys

This morning the PowerTraveller In-Car charger arrived in the mail and all of a sudden my mobile solar solutions have become even more versatile. I can now use a large selection of lightweight folding solar panels as supplied by @Select_Solar and use them to power my favourite mobile power solutions, the MiniGorilla and PowerGorilla from @PowerMonkeys. In my mind, this little adapter really Continue Reading

PowerFilm USB+AA Solar Charger from @Select_Solar

PowerFilm USB+AA Solar Charger from @Select_Solar

  I got my hands on a test unit of the PowerFilm USB+AA Solar Charger from @Select_Solar.   It's about the size of a wallet when rolled up and as well as a USB socket it has a holder for two NiMH or NiCd AA batteries. It comes with two 2000mAh AA Sanyo batteries and states that it will solar charge the batteries in around 4 hours. Which is about the maximum amount of decent sun we get Continue Reading