Interview Techniques

Me interviewing Brian Haw

I’m currently preparing slide decks for both the Milton Keynes International Festival and the Digital Wine Communicators Conference.  In both instances I’ve been asked if I can talk on Networked Storymaking with a focus on interview techniques. This is interesting as if I’m honest it’s not something I’ve thought about in depth. Until now that […]

The Future of Audioboo is Uncertain

Me and Mark Rock

The future of Audioboo is uncertain. Like most online spaces. But Audioboo isn’t like most online spaces. This page of blurted sentiment and opinion will probably seem a bit much to some. Perhaps I’m over reacting because something I deeply care about is threatened. I first blogged about Audioboo four years ago, not long after it’s launch. I […]

My 1000th Audioboo

Me and Audioboo on my iPhone with a 'spoffle' on.

Listen! Firstly I have to thank the soundsmith @MCFontaine for sending me this mashup created from a few of my audio recordings on  Audioboo. I love what he has done and am inspired to one day.. perhaps.. trawl through the (aprox) 83 hours of Audioboo’s I’ve done in the last two years. Prior to finding the Audioboo iPhone […]


AudioBoo has me excited. It fills a gap, it’s a missing link, and while we wait for a good quality audio/video (maybe VideoBoo) on an non-jailbroken iPhone.. This is going to keep me more than occupied. Audioboo is an audio blogging platform in the shape of an iPhone app that was in private beta in […]

2008 a journey with friends

The Documentally podcast in it’s iTunes form started in 2006, i started video blogging and using twitter in 2007 but it was 2008 that felt like social media really took off for me. Maybe because I felt like I was no longer just a photographer. My ability to take photos and document things was now […]

Social Media Connections

I’d love to have taken the time to have written my thanks to Bill Cammack regarding his job as editor on the recent UNHCR Podcast I have been working on but now I have seen his blogging skills in full swing.. I am glad i stuck with a brief video and didn’t embarrass myself. [Seesmic […]