Films of Colour at The Cowshed in Milton Keynes

A few photos I took last night of the band @FilmsOfColour as they played at a small festival called Hushabye Mountain at The Cowshed ran by @DaveCowshed. Certainly a band you will be hearing a lot more of in the coming months. (Kit used: Nikon D3 with a few f2.8 lenses) Continue Reading

Triumph Live at Mallory Park

See the full gallery on Posterous Here are a few iPhone snaps taken while walking around Triumph Live including a silhouette shot of the new as yet un-shown Triumph Adventure set to take on the BMW GS series. Of course Triumph would have to let other manufactures make panniers and other after market bits to even come close to competing. Will that ever happen? Not unless Continue Reading

SoulBoy All Nighter

See the full gallery on Posterous Photos and audio captured by @Documentally at Kings Hall in Stoke-On-Trent at the SoulBoy premiere and all night party.   Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen!   Follow the SoulBoy Twitter list for stay connected to those involved with the film, fans of the film and those passionate about Northern Continue Reading

David Camerwrong

Thanks to @Sizemore for pointing me out in this video mash-up.Here is the photo i was taking at the time....and here is the video.. Don't blink.. you'll miss me. :) Continue Reading

Sleeper Reader

I often see guys crashed out on the London Underground. Not being a Londoner myself the scene always fascinates me. I wonder if the person parties hard, works hard, or both. I imagine a few sleep past their stops and some have nowhere to get off at. Continue Reading

The Dog Loves Snow

This photo was taken today. It's rare I take my Nikon D3 out on a dog walk. I'd love the D3s as it shoots video as well as stills. I can but dream. There are more photos in my Flickr stream @Dogmentally is on twitter but doesn't tweet. Continue Reading

Getting the most from your camera phone

(Me snapping Nick Clegg in a taxi - photo by @Kate_Day) The first cameraphones were little more than a gimmick, then we wanted quality. Then it seemed quality was put on hold in order that we could share out images far and wide. We are now starting to see phones being built into cameras and not the other way round. What I mean is that some phones like the N86 have cameras so good I feel the time Continue Reading