David Camerwrong

Thanks to @Sizemore for pointing me out in this video mash-up. Here is the photo i was taking at the time.. ..and here is the video.. Don’t blink.. you’ll miss me.

Sleeper Reader

I often see guys crashed out on the London Underground. Not being a Londoner myself the scene always fascinates me. I wonder if the person parties hard, works hard, or both. I imagine a few sleep past their stops and some have nowhere to get off at.

The Dog Loves Snow

This photo was taken today. It’s rare I take my Nikon D3 out on a dog walk. I’d love the D3s as it shoots video as well as stills. I can but dream. There are more photos in my Flickr stream @Dogmentally is on twitter but doesn’t tweet.

Getting the most from your camera phone

(Me snapping Nick Clegg in a taxi – photo by @Kate_Day) The first cameraphones were little more than a gimmick, then we wanted quality. Then it seemed quality was put on hold in order that we could share out images far and wide. We are now starting to see phones being built into cameras and […]

The Right Way To Do A Photography Competition

Once under duress I posted the following photo into Amateur Photographer magazine and won the competition entitled (Underground). Then the year before last, I posted a photo taken on my N95 (through my sunglasses) into a french competition and won a laptop.. I never received the laptop but still thought I would quit while I […]

Graham Wiseman

Graham Wiseman

I was taking photographs when I heard the news. It’s hit me hard. If I type I cant cry. So I am typing. I feel like I’ve lost my father. Again. Worse this time. This person I knew. I have just answered the phone to a shaky voice telling me a good friend of mine […]

Makoto – A New Kind Of Photographic Agency

My friend Phil wrote to me from Kirkuk, he’s researching this story on the Arab-Kurd situation. It’s slow going, but he summarises it all with one sentence. No one wants to compromise, there’s a low level war already underway and things could get more dangerous in a year or two. All sort of grim. For […]

2008 a journey with friends

The Documentally podcast in it’s iTunes form started in 2006, i started video blogging and using twitter in 2007 but it was 2008 that felt like social media really took off for me. Maybe because I felt like I was no longer just a photographer. My ability to take photos and document things was now […]

Bottle-Kicking in Hallaton

On the 25th of February 2008, on a cold bright morning, I visited the village of Hallaton in Leicestershire. I was told to expect something strange. A field full of violent people, small kegs of beer called ‘bottles’ and man with a rabbit on a stick were also mentioned. How could I not go? They […]

Polaroid PoGo Portable Bluetooth Printer

Polaroid Kindly sent me one of their PoGo Zink (Zero Ink) bluetooth portable printers to have a play with and over this last week i have done just that. It’s not that bad, pretty good fun in fact and I can see lots of uses other than the ones they advertise.. but be warned some […]