Episode 44 – Kiss Privacy Goodbye

Back on June the 25th, for the second year running myself and Dr John Perivolaris, visited George Orwell's grave for his birthday. This year we were accompanied by Phil Campbell and Brian Jones and as we picnicked in honour of Eric Arthur Blair, we also discussed our ever diminishing civil liberties, asking what is public and wondering If George Orwell could ever have known that it would not be Continue Reading

Jeffrey Descovic at Podcamp NYC 2.0

Of all the memorable moments of Podcamp NYC 2.0 an impromptu meeting with Jeffrey Descovic touched me the most. Jeffrey has an amazing story well documented HERE on his website and here on InnocenceProject.org In addition Jeffrey's myspace page is HERE.  I was introduced to he by Rox from BeachWalks.tv and a few minutes later i was doing an interview using Seesmic. At the same time as we Continue Reading

Episode 43 – There And Back Again

The first half of this podcast was recorded in the company of Philip Campbell in March 2008 on a flight to Newark airport before going on to SXSW in Austin Texas. The second half was recorded on the flight back to London. We talk about hacking, podcamp uk, Seesmic, Qik, Blip TV, Pulver TV, social media and how to make Sloe Gin. I edited it one month later in April, on another flight to Newark Continue Reading

Ali Bongo And The Three Purple Hearts

I am writing this aboard an aircraft thirty odd thousand feet above the atlantic, halfway to New York on a ticket bought for me by Seesmic.com After podcasting for over two years and blogging for nearly 6, it looks like the subject of money is creeping into more and more of my online conversations. And why not? Recently I have found an increasing amount of my working life is being taken over by Continue Reading