Hardy's Nottage Hill FreshCase (First Look)

This new wine box called the FreshCase is not in the shops till November the 1st but I've managed to get my hands on a couple to drink.. Err.. I mean to review. Drinking wine from a box reminds me of my time in Australia (they are called Goons there) where we recycled enough of the wine bags to build a raft but were not that clear of head to actually sail it anywhere. This is not Continue Reading

Petzl MYO RXP (First Look)

I just got hold of a Myo RXP from Petzl. Winter is setting in and living in the country means, like broadband, street lighting is not yet every where.   Some places I walk the dog are close to pitch black and where there are dogs, there's poo. I guess I needn't go any further.This is the first Petzl head torch with programmable regulated lighting levels allowing you to customise up to ten Continue Reading

Paving The Way

Did you know Polystyrene was discovered in 1839? I quite fancy egg chips and beans with a cup of tea but at what price..? At the risk of sounding like a hippy (after all I was brought up by them) Polystyrene does not biodegrade.. I have known this a while but every day I watch my kid grow I wonder what I have done to pave his way.. What kind of world will he grow into. Sad as it seems I Continue Reading