Reinventing The Conference

Thinking Digital 2012

Thinking Digital does the conference model really well. It's a humane accessible version of TED. Small enough to be friendly, big enough to attract the innovators looking for and sharing new ideas. The Do Lectures do something amazing between a campfire chat and an intimate mini festival. It's still the most amazing ticketed event I've been to and I feel would be extremely difficult to Continue Reading

Captain Moses Lelesit – He died doing what he loved best

Moses Lelesit

A friend in Kenya emailed me today and told me of a plane crash. Writing about the death of a pilot I've flown with once is bad enough. But now to write about another so soon. Well, I don't know what to think. Statistically flying is meant to be pretty safe. The chance of an average American dying in a plane crash is 1 in 11 million. Compared to one in 5000 being killed in a car Continue Reading

The Y-Cam Bullet IP Camera

I got sent the Y-Cam Bullet last year and then when I moved home it found itself into a box, only to be re-discovered last week. Cables, adapters, wall/ceiling mount, power lead, optional sun visor etc, all  come in the box. I had already purchased a Y-cam S in black over 2 years ago (the older model without the micro sd card slot). I used it as a night vision baby monitor and at the time I Continue Reading

Royal Wedding Street Party

While visiting friends in the village of Belton, Leicestershire, I experienced a street party ... I took photos on my FujiFilm X100. It's super discreet and having the fixed lens makes you work that little bit harder to get in close while all the time allowing you to really get to know the focal length. This helps to make 'shooting from the hip' less of a hit and miss endeavor. The street party Continue Reading

Politics In The Social Media Playground

We may never know the Impact social media had in shaping our new rather bewildering government. Maybe it reached a lethargic non-voting population and changed their minds. Perhaps it taught the party campaigners to engage with more mobile tools in order to rally their troops. Maybe all it did was introduce other channels of communication to the mix. All I know is it certainly played a part. Continue Reading

Makoto – A New Kind Of Photographic Agency

My friend Phil wrote to me from Kirkuk, he's researching this story on the Arab-Kurd situation. It's slow going, but he summarises it all with one sentence. No one wants to compromise, there's a low level war already underway and things could get more dangerous in a year or two. All sort of grim. For months now he has wanted to get a photo agency together. It's a collaborative effort between Continue Reading