Longplayer Live at The Roundhouse

Longplayer Live is an incredible endeavor. I first blogged about it here. A single composition playing for 1000 years. It started in 1999 and on the 12th of September I was invited by Artangel to blog about it live. It was a great day. It was a long day. 1000 minutes of 1000 years. You can find some Audioboo's by myself and others tagged with Longplayer here and some of my Flickr images Continue Reading

Longplayer Live

On the back of a bus in 1995 a guy called Jem Finer had an idea. Nearly five years later in 1999, on the verge of the third millennium that idea came to life as a thousand year long musical composition was set into motion. Longplayer is a piece of music that’s been playing since 31 December 1999 and will keep playing until 31 December 2999. The composer Jem Finer created it in such a way that it Continue Reading

Video For The Web

Advertising revenue is down, newspapers are struggling and as the economy takes a downturn production costs are up, at the same time online readership and revenue continue to rise. So what's the answer? Go where the eyes are. Whether you are writing, taking pictures, shooting video or recording audio you can build communities with your content. But only if you take it online. Three years ago Continue Reading

My AudioBoo Podcast

Well I never. In only three days AudioBoo has metamorphosed before my eyes into a simple, intuitive podcasting solution. It's been around for longer than that (read my blog for more info) but I just took a look at my AudioBoo iTunes Feed and i have done what appears to be 30 mini podcasts in 3 days! My 'normal' podcast is only in the 40's!.. OK.. some will argue that they are a little more honed Continue Reading


AudioBoo has me excited. It fills a gap, it's a missing link, and while we wait for a good quality audio/video (maybe VideoBoo) on an non-jailbroken iPhone.. This is going to keep me more than occupied. Audioboo is an audio blogging platform in the shape of an iPhone app that was in private beta in January but is now available free of charge right now in the app store. I first got wind of it Continue Reading

Thirst For Rioja

I’m in Spain! In Rioja to be precise.. We landed here last night for a quick in-out social media commando mission to visit the Dinastia Vivanco winery and it's wine culture museum. I have never really explored this region and so far i am mightily impressed. I am here with Rob McIntosh (@thirstforwine) and he has explained out basic goals on his blog here.. http://thirstforrioja.co.uk/. In a Continue Reading