Mobile editing images from the Nikon D800.


It's all well and good having a 36 megapixel camera but unless you have the processing power and bandwidth with which to edit and upload, you're going to spend more time fiddling with your photos on a screen than actually taking them. The above image what shot in an allotment with the Nikon D800 set to shoot and record Raw to Compact Flash and jpegs to the SD. I used the camera connection kit Continue Reading

The Dog Loves Snow

This photo was taken today. It's rare I take my Nikon D3 out on a dog walk. I'd love the D3s as it shoots video as well as stills. I can but dream. There are more photos in my Flickr stream @Dogmentally is on twitter but doesn't tweet. Continue Reading


The other week while on assignment at Reuters with @sizemore, I was talking to @ilicco about how the more kit i try to juggle the more diluted the content can become. I was sat at the front of an almost exciting talk from the FSA with laptop, iPhone, N95, Kodak Zi6 and a pocket camera. Back in my bag was a pro Nikon SLR, an audio recorder and yet another laptop.This is the burden of the blogger. Continue Reading

Nikon D90 video test.

The D90 is Nikon's latest mid range consumer DSLR. It does everything a good Nikon does and brings relief to my shoulder that normally carries the weight of a D3. Although compact compared to other 12.3 Megapixel DSLR's it has most of the guts of the D300. It's a DX format sensor and shoots up to 4.5 FPS with ISO settings up to 3200. More than most consumer users will need and enough to keep even Continue Reading

Towcester Jumper – The Story Behind This Photo

Towcester Jumper

  It was my first day shooting horse racing for the Northamptonshire Chronicle and Echo. If the truth be known it was my first time ever at a horse race. The only reason why I had been sent to cover the race day at Towcester racecourse was that all the more experienced 'snappers' were shooting rugby and football matches. New to the newspaper and still relatively fresh to photography Continue Reading