Thinking Digital 2012 – It just works.

Thinking Digital 2012

I find the best way to approach any conference you plan to attend is with low-to-no expectations. Especially if like Thinking Digital it has a track record of being bloody good. With so many people complaining of being strapped for cash this year I would not be surprised if the same wasn't true for sponsors and organisers. So I figure, if you dial down your expectations you are easily pleased Continue Reading

We Were Thinking Digital 2011

There is software somewhere tracking all the IMEI's on the phones that were momentarily clustered in the intimate auditorium of the Sage, Gateshead. A three day hotspot of creatives, thinkers, do'ers and disrupters. The transmitted signatures have now spidered their way back across the country, across the water, across the world. And the digital echo of an amazing meeting of minds still hangs in Continue Reading

Gumballing the Twestival

It was about a week ago i tweeted how It would be nice it would be able to go to more than one Twestival.. There were so many events on the one night across the UK with so many great people attending i felt like i was missing out on some great meet ups. Seconds later I got a phone call from @Philcampbell saying.. "Lets do it.. Lets go to them all." Phil is always on the look out for a mission Continue Reading