Jeff Pulver – 140 Conference New York

Jeff Pulver, the chairman and founder of was the main man behind the 140 characters conference in New York that brought together Twitter users from all over the world. New york was the first of the 140 Characters conference and others are planned in both London and Los Angeles. Originally the event was to explore the effects of twitter on: Celebrity, “The Media”, Advertising and Continue Reading

2008 a journey with friends

The Documentally podcast in it's iTunes form started in 2006, i started video blogging and using twitter in 2007 but it was 2008 that felt like social media really took off for me. Maybe because I felt like I was no longer just a photographer. My ability to take photos and document things was now just one shade on a growing multimedia palette of skills that had community in mind. I guess things Continue Reading

Jeffrey Descovic at Podcamp NYC 2.0

Of all the memorable moments of Podcamp NYC 2.0 an impromptu meeting with Jeffrey Descovic touched me the most. Jeffrey has an amazing story well documented HERE on his website and here on In addition Jeffrey's myspace page is HERE.  I was introduced to he by Rox from and a few minutes later i was doing an interview using Seesmic. At the same time as we Continue Reading

Episode 43 – There And Back Again

The first half of this podcast was recorded in the company of Philip Campbell in March 2008 on a flight to Newark airport before going on to SXSW in Austin Texas. The second half was recorded on the flight back to London. We talk about hacking, podcamp uk, Seesmic, Qik, Blip TV, Pulver TV, social media and how to make Sloe Gin. I edited it one month later in April, on another flight to Newark Continue Reading

Electric Empathy.

Attempting to stay offline. I say attempt as as yet I am not able to succeed in any major fashion. I have come away on holiday with family to Canada and really want to do my best for those who do not understand (or care much for) social networking and it's incessant need to be monitored like a newborn baby. With all the apps out there that assist me in maintaining my international links there Continue Reading