Nokia Booklet 3G Running Mac OSX

I have a Nokia Booklet 3G on loan from 1000 heads but was having issues with such a beautiful device running an operating system I’ve not touched for years. In stepped @Computid Über geek, and in a couple of days he had installed Mac OSX. The background story is linked here… http://su.pr/1hsIfN How how did […]

Nokia Booklet 3G on Mac OSX

Today, the Nokia Booklet 3G on loan to me from @WhatleyDude and 1000 Heads just increased it’s usefulness ten fold. Maybe more in fact, as so unaccustomed have I become with Microsoft’s OS, any device running a version Windows turns me into a temporary luddite. I’m not a coder and come from a photography background. I’m afraid ‘I am […]

Novatel MiFi 2352 Personal Wireless Hotspot

I have had a personal wifi hotspot of sorts for a while now. A 3 mobile 3G router and dongle have been taking up a large space in my tech bag whenever I am out and about. If I am near a socket it runs from the mains. If I am mobile or in the […]

From my iPhone 3gs

All Access #xboxe3

My E3 expo pass.


The other week while on assignment at Reuters with @sizemore, I was talking to @ilicco about how the more kit i try to juggle the more diluted the content can become. I was sat at the front of an almost exciting talk from the FSA with laptop, iPhone, N95, Kodak Zi6 and a pocket camera. […]

iPhone Power Station Review

Anyone with an iPhone loves it’s ability to carry around various flavours of multimedia whilst enjoying it’s syncability with everything Mac. Occasionally we even find ourselves drawn to play with app after app, be it some GPS twitter tool we ca’t now live without, or a game we’ve bought for a few coins. We can’t […]

Portable Solar Power

Yesterday I picked up a little solar panel and charge regulator contained in a handy little flight case. I love it so far. I have been testing it with the Mac Book Air and it all works splendidly. I am looking forward to testing it further at the Larmer Tree Festival and of course my […]