005 – Go To A Sci-Fi Convention

Storm Troopers at Elstree Studio

This was another item on the 40at40 list this year that I was not sure I'd get done. Most conventions of this type I hear about happen in The States. Yet Sci-Fi has played such a huge part in my life, especially when growing up, I felt compelled to include it. I have been fascinated with science fiction since before I can remember. As a child, my agnostic Dad taught religious education in a Continue Reading

002 – Eat in a Ukrainian Restaurant


The years are mounting up this side of my Granddads death and as well as the conversational glimpses into my family history, I find myself missing the food we would eat. He loved his food. In his final years, housebound and slowly going blind, conversation, food and the radio were his only real pleasures. My Gran looked after the food side of things. She would cook all the dishes he enjoyed Continue Reading

The Pilgrim – Francis Ross Bush

I just found this photo on my desktop and thought I would post it with an Audioboo I recorded a little while back in London. listen to ‘Francis Ross Bush - Pilgrim’ on Audioboo And this is his YouTube Channel UPDATE: Two months after this meeting I posted a follow up blog with video. Continue Reading

The Royal Albert Hall #bbcproms

Wow. What a great space. Last time I was here I was a roadie and don't remember much on account of being asleep in the upper tiers between shifts. The acoustics are great. As is the wine supplied in the box I am currently sat at. (thanks @sophiebr) I'm tempted to get temporarily possessed by Statler & Waldorf and start shouting but so far everything sounds pretty damn good. If classical music Continue Reading

Sleeper Reader

I often see guys crashed out on the London Underground. Not being a Londoner myself the scene always fascinates me. I wonder if the person parties hard, works hard, or both. I imagine a few sleep past their stops and some have nowhere to get off at. Continue Reading