Into Knoydart (part 5)

On the road, soaking up the wilderness as we cross the Knoydart peninsular. We suffer a couple of minor injuries but nothing we can't handle. There will be, and in fact is, blood. But not much. This is part five of our trip. Part one is here: into-knoydart-part-1  Part two is here: into-knoydart-part-2 Part four is here: into-knoydart-part-3 Part four is here: into-knoydart-part-4 Continue Reading

Into Knoydart (part 4)

  In this episode we eat some more great food cooked on a titanium stove and drink fresh coffee in the woods. Yup, more roughing it in the wilds of Scotland. Oh yes. And we have solar power.   This is part four of our trip. Part one is here:  Part two is here: Part two is Continue Reading

Into Knoydart (part 3)

Back at camp we check our supplies, light our fire with a spark and get to cooking.This is part three of our trip.Part one is here: Part two is here: Continue Reading

Into Knoydart (part 2)

We arrive on the Knoydart peninsular and head into the woods to make camp before visiting the UK's most remote pub. The Old Forge. Whilst in there, I get chatting to a Stalker. This is part two of our trip Part one is here: Continue Reading

Wilderness 2.0

Monday morning for me this week will start at 4am as i rise, wash and head over to my friends for 5am, the official start of our trip into the wilderness. We will drive nearly 500 miles north into Scotland to Mallaig. From there we hope to be in time for the ferry over to Inverie on the Knoydart Peninsular, mainland Britain's last wilderness. From there who knowsÂ… We plan to hike across, Continue Reading