Rewired State at the Guardian #GSxSW

See the full gallery on Posterous Here are a few Images & audio that I grabbed on my phone from the Guardian SxSW hack day at the Guardian Offices in London. Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen! Listen!   It was a great weekend of geeking out with some wonderfull people. All ther more worth while by the fact we not only won best audio project Continue Reading

The Isolated – Are you one?

Not sure if you have read this article in the Guardian. It's a new article based on and old statement that's been floating around for a while. I imagine it's resurfaced due to the book 'Alone Together' hitting the UK shelves soon. Either that or there is little new comment to report on. In some ways for those Continue Reading

Paul Carr – 140 characters conference New York

When I told people I was to be sat on a panel with Paul Carr from the Guardian a couple responded.. "Paul Carr? He's a bit of a dick." "What makes you say that?" I asked. "It says so on his twitter profile." Fair enough I thought, but when I met him he was just frank and very funny. The video of the panel we did at the #140conf is floating around somewhere in the ether. I may even drop it in a Continue Reading