Disclosure and the Scottevest Experiment


I'm not a Journalist and have never trained as such. You only have to look at my grammar to see that. That doesn't stop me practicing journalism once in a while.  As a blogger I feel I get to have fun experimenting with all forms of story making, reporting, documenting. I'm pretty sure first personal contact for me with Scottevest was back on the 23rd of June 2008. I received an email Continue Reading

End to End – The Vodafone FreeBees Challenge

In late November 2010 I was challenged by Vodafone to travel from Lands End to John o'Groats with no money or food. I was given five  £10 pay-as-you-go FreeBees SIM cards to use as currency and I bartered my way for 900 miles using social media. I took only my iPhone 4 for photos, video and audio and a macbook air 11" to edit on the move. Thanks to @RichardMackney and @Buddhamagnet there was a Continue Reading

Predict My Finish Time and Bag an iPhone 4 #FreeBees

Free_Iphone4_challenge.mov Watch on Posterous I just got an email from Dan Bowsher from the @VodafoneUK team telling me that anyone who tweets my exact finish time at John o'Groats (failing that I imagine the closest) with the #FreeBees hashtag will win an iPhone 4 and a £10 topped up FreeBees Vodafine sim. Make sure you follow this format..  @VodafoneUK 25/11 16:25 Continue Reading