Disclosure and the Scottevest Experiment


I’m not a Journalist and have never trained as such. You only have to look at my grammar to see that. That doesn’t stop me practicing journalism once in a while.  As a blogger I feel I get to have fun experimenting with all forms of story making, reporting, documenting. I’m pretty sure first personal […]

End to End – The Vodafone FreeBees Challenge

In late November 2010 I was challenged by Vodafone to travel from Lands End to John o’Groats with no money or food. I was given five  £10 pay-as-you-go FreeBees SIM cards to use as currency and I bartered my way for 900 miles using social media. I took only my iPhone 4 for photos, video […]

Predict My Finish Time and Bag an iPhone 4 #FreeBees

Free_Iphone4_challenge.mov Watch on Posterous I just got an email from Dan Bowsher from the @VodafoneUK team telling me that anyone who tweets my exact finish time at John o’Groats (failing that I imagine the closest) with the #FreeBees hashtag will win an iPhone 4 and a £10 topped up FreeBees Vodafine sim. Make sure you follow […]