Why do we tweet what we eat?

Pastrami on rye

Whenever talking about social stuff I'm often delivered the same statement when it comes to micro-blogging platforms. "I haven't got time for that. It's just people tweeting their food." There is often a tone of distain in the voice.  As if the complainant logged into Twitter, was tied to a chair and forced to look at sandwich after sandwich, cake after cake, snack after snack.  Unable to avert Continue Reading

FitBit Ultra – Mini Review

FitBit Ultra

I've logged well over a million steps since February and for the first few months the FitBit never left my body. Day and night it was working. In the day It logged my activity and at night my inactivity. I soon got bored of clipping it onto the little sweatband that was required if you sleep in the buff and want to monitor your sleep patterns. Besides, once you had two months of evidence that Continue Reading

006 – Bake a Sourdough Loaf

The finished sourdough loaf

It was meeting Tom Herbert at the Do Lectures that inspired me to have a go at baking sourdough. And it was Tom who gave me a jar of 57 year old (55 years old in 2010) sourdough to take home and try. Luckily it came with a handy recipe card with all I would need to know to get going. The ingredients were listed as so: Strong white flour  -  460g Sourdough  -  300g Sea Salt  -  Continue Reading

002 – Eat in a Ukrainian Restaurant


The years are mounting up this side of my Granddads death and as well as the conversational glimpses into my family history, I find myself missing the food we would eat. He loved his food. In his final years, housebound and slowly going blind, conversation, food and the radio were his only real pleasures. My Gran looked after the food side of things. She would cook all the dishes he enjoyed Continue Reading

Download this app. It will make the world a better place.

The LoveFresh App will change your life and the lives of those around you. All you have to do is embrace the passion obviously evident in it's creators and use it.  A bold statement I know, but I rarely get excited about something this much. It's just good all the way to it's core. [Pun intended] Disclaimer: I know @MarkSpoff (only met him twice) who made this but Continue Reading

Woodland Ways Bushcraft and Survival

Me with a Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet   Last weekend I was in the woods in Derbyshire on a short Bushcraft course with Woodland Ways. Due to an extremely cold weather front sweeping in and scaring off the other people who'd booked, myself and a lad called Jack Sheffield found ourselves with one-on-one tuition. It was better than that in fact as Woodland Ways were training up another Continue Reading