The Do Lectures (Revisited in Audio)

Do Lectures main tent

This five part mini series of Audioboo's were compiled, edited and enhanced with music by Mark Cotton aka @MCFontaine You can find out more about Mark here: I blogged about the Do Lectures in detail after I attended in September 2011. You can get more detail here: ourmaninside/do-lectures For a glimpse into some of the moments and conversations please take a few Continue Reading

The Do Lectures

For me the Do Lectures hasn't just broken the conference mould. It's turned it outside in. Diverse, inclusive, unbranded, organic, fluid, honest. Soon after my arrival I realised as a participant that this is not just a ride. It's not something people are paying to see. This is an investment in yourself and others. A rollercoaster with a steering wheel everyone can get their hands Continue Reading