Disclosure and the Scottevest Experiment


I'm not a Journalist and have never trained as such. You only have to look at my grammar to see that. That doesn't stop me practicing journalism once in a while.  As a blogger I feel I get to have fun experimenting with all forms of story making, reporting, documenting. I'm pretty sure first personal contact for me with Scottevest was back on the 23rd of June 2008. I received an email Continue Reading

Che Guevara Minifigure

My first attempt at a Che Guevara Lego Minifig

I love Lego. So much so I still buy it. I remember having some of the earlier 1975 Minifigures but they weren't as articulate as the modern ones invented in 1978 and didn't have moving arms or legs. Needless to say I wish I'd kept them. I don't remember them having anything other than a smile and two eyes. You had to use your imagination if you wanted a different race or gender. Perhaps Lego Continue Reading

1984 Looks Like This

John Perivolaris and christian Payne photographed by David Dunnico

On the 2nd of May this year I took a walk from Manchester into Salford with Dr John Perivolaris. (Here is a conversation we had on the way.) listen to ‘Walking into Salford’ on Audioboo We were heading to see David Dunnico's Exhibition entitled '1984 Looks Like This'  currently showing at Salford Museum and Art Gallery until the 1st of July. I first met Manchester based David Dunnico at a Continue Reading

Good shoes are no mean feat


Humans have been protecting their feet with some kind of covering for at least 26,000 years. Some studies of the bones of ancient humans suggest as long as 40,000 years. The Egyptians were the first to take this seriously, creating pads of leather or papyrus bound to the foot with two straps. Depending on region and climate some areas around the world developed shoes independently at Continue Reading

002 – Eat in a Ukrainian Restaurant


The years are mounting up this side of my Granddads death and as well as the conversational glimpses into my family history, I find myself missing the food we would eat. He loved his food. In his final years, housebound and slowly going blind, conversation, food and the radio were his only real pleasures. My Gran looked after the food side of things. She would cook all the dishes he enjoyed Continue Reading

001 – Go to a pub dressed as a Stormtrooper

001 - Go to a pub dressed as a Stormtrooper

My full 40at40 list is here on OurManInside.com This blog text is taken from here For me my '40 at 40' list is an excuse to do forty crazy or unusual things in a year where people think I might perhaps be losing the plot. If it's on a list it's premeditated and can't be confused with those sporadic choices we are said to make in the midst of a midlife crisis, right? I don't actually Continue Reading

40 at 40


I'm 40 today.  When I was a kid I thought that I'd feel like an old man at this age but I don't. I still feel like a kid. Like another version of that same kid that found it impossible to visualise what life would be like this far into the future. Now I'm here and understand a little more of the world, I can see there are so many things I may never understand. And that's ok. If I could go back Continue Reading