Good shoes are no mean feat


Humans have been protecting their feet with some kind of covering for at least 26,000 years. Some studies of the bones of ancient humans suggest as long as 40,000 years. The Egyptians were the first to take this seriously, creating pads of leather or papyrus bound to the foot with two straps. Depending on region […]

002 – Eat in a Ukrainian Restaurant


The years are mounting up this side of my Granddads death and as well as the conversational glimpses into my family history, I find myself missing the food we would eat. He loved his food. In his final years, housebound and slowly going blind, conversation, food and the radio were his only real pleasures. My […]

001 – Go to a pub dressed as a Stormtrooper

001 - Go to a pub dressed as a Stormtrooper

My full 40at40 list is here on OurManInside.com This blog text is taken from here For me my ’40 at 40′ list is an excuse to do forty crazy or unusual things in a year where people think I might perhaps be losing the plot. If it’s on a list it’s premeditated and can’t be confused with those […]

40 at 40


I’m 40 today.  When I was a kid I thought that I’d feel like an old man at this age but I don’t. I still feel like a kid. Like another version of that same kid that found it impossible to visualise what life would be like this far into the future. Now I’m here […]

Richard Stallman Talks

Richard Stallman

Recently I got to see Richard Stallman talk in London. He was the guest of the Open Rights Group and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I have his talk and the Q&A that followed embedded and linked below. First though are my initial impressions recorded at the end of the night. (Skip to the three embeds […]

The Do Lectures (Revisited in Audio)

Do Lectures main tent

This five part mini series of Audioboo’s were compiled, edited and enhanced with music by Mark Cotton aka @MCFontaine You can find out more about Mark here: http://about.me/mcfontaine I blogged about the Do Lectures in detail after I attended in September 2011. You can get more detail here: ourmaninside/do-lectures For a glimpse into some of the […]

Reinventing The Conference

Thinking Digital 2012

Thinking Digital does the conference model really well. It’s a humane accessible version of TED. Small enough to be friendly, big enough to attract the innovators looking for and sharing new ideas. The Do Lectures do something amazing between a campfire chat and an intimate mini festival. It’s still the most amazing ticketed event I’ve […]

Location Based Apps for the Homeless

During the 90’s I spent a lot of time ‘roughing it’ and wandering Europe. I’d walk between France, Switzerland and Germany sleeping under the stars and making money where I could. If you’ve ever read Narcissus and Goldmund  by Hesse you’ll get the idea. I starting writing a book called the ‘Blaggers Guid To The […]

The Do Lectures

For me the Do Lectures hasn’t just broken the conference mould. It’s turned it outside in. Diverse, inclusive, unbranded, organic, fluid, honest. Soon after my arrival I realised as a participant that this is not just a ride. It’s not something people are paying to see. This is an investment in yourself and others. A […]

Reinventing Communication & Protecting Community

For me a community is not tied to a geographical area. It’s more an area of common life. I live across a number of communities.  Family, friends, work, and a number of geeky tech loving groups who exist both on the web and in physical space. Some hold a fellowship of solidarity and trust. Others […]