Velbon Ultra Stick L50 (Quick look)

Me with the GH1 on the Velbon Ultra Pod

I have a selection of supports for my camera gear. All shapes and sizes, for all kinds of uses. Tripods that rarely see the light of day, monopods that for some reason have three legs but are still called monopods and those overpriced pocketable types with the flexible legs that flex to pieces. I wanted […]

Santa is a Jedi

Jedi Santa

  Well, lets face it, how could Santa possibly do what it is he does over Christmas if he wasn’t a Jedi? You may also notice he has a red Lightsaber normally reserved for those over on the dark side. His is actually a festive Green in colour with an antler handle (don’t ask) but […]

Multimedia Storymaking Walks

photo by @SamuelHedberg

UPDATE To find out how you can participate in one of these days, check out Storymaking.net ______________________________ From pitching ideas in the office to posting holiday snaps to your favourite social places, we use stories in every area of our lives. To entertain, explain, educate and engage.  We are made of stories. Thanks to the […]

iPhone 5 Vs the iPhone 4s: With Photos in mind.

A fisherman on a market in Turkey. Edited with Snapseed

There are no images of the iPhone 5 in this blog post. I imagine you have seen one by now and know what it looks like. This is certainly not the normal phone review due to some interesting realisations that forced me to change the way I look at comparing the iPhone 4s to the […]

The iPad Mini (a mini review)

iPad Mini

[Disclaimer] I will be talking a lot about Apple products during this review. I have a lot of them and if these apps and tools I have become accustomed too existed on other devices, I’d be sure to be purchasing outside the Apple brand. I have no loyalty to Apple other than their expensive tools […]

The Tom Bihn Tri-Star Carry-on Travel Bag

Tom Bihn logo

[Disclaimer] This video is more of a quick look than a review. I have no personal connection with Tom Bihn and this bag was sent to me free of charge. I only paid import duty, but don’t let that lead you to think I haven’t been anything other than honest with my opinion. I already […]

Video Blogging For Dell at IFA 2012 Berlin

@BennyCrime Edits

The five days in Berlin happened amongst a whirlwind of other assignments I was doing in and around Europe. In fact I am only finding the time to reflect now. I traveled out to Germany with Ben James, aka @BennyCrime. It’s not the first time we’ve worked together. I hired Ben to edit a project […]

Disclosure and the Scottevest Experiment


I’m not a Journalist and have never trained as such. You only have to look at my grammar to see that. That doesn’t stop me practicing journalism once in a while.  As a blogger I feel I get to have fun experimenting with all forms of story making, reporting, documenting. I’m pretty sure first personal […]

Che Guevara Minifigure

My first attempt at a Che Guevara Lego Minifig

I love Lego. So much so I still buy it. I remember having some of the earlier 1975 Minifigures but they weren’t as articulate as the modern ones invented in 1978 and didn’t have moving arms or legs. Needless to say I wish I’d kept them. I don’t remember them having anything other than a […]

1984 Looks Like This

John Perivolaris and christian Payne photographed by David Dunnico

On the 2nd of May this year I took a walk from Manchester into Salford with Dr John Perivolaris. (Here is a conversation we had on the way.) listen to ‘Walking into Salford’ on Audioboo We were heading to see David Dunnico’s Exhibition entitled ‘1984 Looks Like This‘  currently showing at Salford Museum and Art […]