Reinventing The Conference

Thinking Digital 2012

Thinking Digital does the conference model really well. It's a humane accessible version of TED. Small enough to be friendly, big enough to attract the innovators looking for and sharing new ideas. The Do Lectures do something amazing between a campfire chat and an intimate mini festival. It's still the most amazing ticketed event I've been to and I feel would be extremely difficult to Continue Reading

Were Secret Societies The First Social Networks?

I am not a Freemason but i have been asked more than once to don the apron and swear the oaths.. I have also been told that Freemasonry is not a secret society, It is a society with secrets. Never-the-less, it was the thought of being admitted to a secret society that attracted me to the idea of joining the Freemasons. I have an unhealthy fascination with the unknown. Freemasonry has a Continue Reading

Phreadz and the New Media Expo

I was having a quiet night in on the net, flitting from one platform to another, posting a video here and a tweet there. The chatter in the networks was all about the upcoming New Media Expo in Las Vegas. Having missed out on the Boston Podcamp while on a photo assignment I felt a pang of longing and posted this video.. Apparently I was not clutching at straws.. an hour later I was looking at Continue Reading