The Do Lectures

For me the Do Lectures hasn't just broken the conference mould. It's turned it outside in. Diverse, inclusive, unbranded, organic, fluid, honest. Soon after my arrival I realised as a participant that this is not just a ride. It's not something people are paying to see. This is an investment in yourself and others. A rollercoaster with a steering wheel everyone can get their hands Continue Reading

How To Make A Mini Stove

I really must get round to making one of these. A great way of recycling as well. I'm packing the @Bongomentally for a trip to @Geeknbury at the moment. Would be a great place to try out stuff like this. The smallest stove I have had so far is the Mini Trangia¬†which does a good job for the price.   Continue Reading

Into Knoydart (part 5)

On the road, soaking up the wilderness as we cross the Knoydart peninsular. We suffer a couple of minor injuries but nothing we can't handle. There will be, and in fact is, blood. But not much. This is part five of our trip. Part one is here: into-knoydart-part-1  Part two is here: into-knoydart-part-2 Part four is here: into-knoydart-part-3 Part four is here: into-knoydart-part-4 Continue Reading

Home Is Where The Tech Is

I have always had to have some kind of tech with me when in the outdoors. Even if it is a compass or a fancy multi-tool. It's more than just being prepared. I could live without it but it goes a hell of a long way to making any trip or adventure more 'comfortable'. In this case a home comfort for me tends to be tech related. I can feel at home anywhere, especially if I have a bag full of tech. To Continue Reading

Into Knoydart (part 3)

Back at camp we check our supplies, light our fire with a spark and get to cooking.This is part three of our trip.Part one is here: Part two is here: Continue Reading

Into Knoydart (part 2)

We arrive on the Knoydart peninsular and head into the woods to make camp before visiting the UK's most remote pub. The Old Forge. Whilst in there, I get chatting to a Stalker. This is part two of our trip Part one is here: Continue Reading