The M1 – 50 Years Old today.

I have a soft spot for both the M1 and Watford Gap. I know.. it's just a road. Still, I have spent more than a few days of my life on the M1 and must have downed a vat of coffee in all my visits to the Watford Gap services. Today I walked under the M1 and recorded an AudioBoo..">Listen! ..And if you want to hear a great little Continue Reading

Episode 44 – Kiss Privacy Goodbye

Back on June the 25th, for the second year running myself and Dr John Perivolaris, visited George Orwell's grave for his birthday. This year we were accompanied by Phil Campbell and Brian Jones and as we picnicked in honour of Eric Arthur Blair, we also discussed our ever diminishing civil liberties, asking what is public and wondering If George Orwell could ever have known that it would not be Continue Reading

Happy Birthday WordPress!

WordPress is five years old today! ..and although i haven't even been using it five months I feel it only right to say not only congratulations, but also Thank You. I was always a 'Blogger' user and before that i just made my own random pages and stuck them out into the 'tubes' not knowing if anyone actually read anything until i upset them. I do believe though that I am now hooked and unless Continue Reading