The Potential of the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi

Well it seemed a long time coming since my first email registering interest, but today I finally had the tiny Raspberry Pi land on my door mat. This credit card sized computer was developed not far away from me in Cambridgeshire and was created with the intention of being an aid for teaching computer science in schools. I hope this works and the curious and passionate teachers that are needed Continue Reading

The Royal Albert Hall #bbcproms

Wow. What a great space. Last time I was here I was a roadie and don't remember much on account of being asleep in the upper tiers between shifts. The acoustics are great. As is the wine supplied in the box I am currently sat at. (thanks @sophiebr) I'm tempted to get temporarily possessed by Statler & Waldorf and start shouting but so far everything sounds pretty damn good. If classical music Continue Reading

Weapon of mass distraction reports Tiger Woods, Xfactor shocker!

Once again I wake to the BBC News channel 'Britain's most watched news channel' wondering why I bother. I can avoid buying the Daily Mail and it's tittle tattle quite easily yet i find the BBC's 24 hour news channel streamed into my home unavoidably disappointing. I am forced to pay to have the BBC in my home, is it too much to ask for a news service to transmit what I class as Continue Reading

Station X

StationX in its modern incarnation was born on the 16th of February 2009. The intention was to create a social media geek-meet, offering access to Bletchley Park for bloggers, tech lovers and social media types, in return for helping amplify Bletchley Park's online campaign. With this common cause in mind, approximately once a month a date is announced through the twitter account @StationX and Continue Reading