Inventing The Cocktail ‘Preach Insanity’

Preach Insanity cocktail

On the 10th of January 2013 @BennyCrime, @Dan_Bowsher and myself headed to an award winning cocktail bar in London called Callooh Callay. We were there because of my 40at40 list. We were there to ‘Invent a cocktail’. I recently found some video from the night.. I delivered my list of preferred ingredients and with the guidance of drinksmith Jack Hubbard, I invented a cocktail. The Continue Reading

013 – Drink in Britain’s oldest pub

The Old Ferry Boat Inn

I understand that it may be impossible to identify beyond a shadow of a doubt where Britain's oldest pub actually is as there are so many Inns and ale houses laying stake to the claim. And as you can imagine, acquiring the label 'Oldest Ale House in Britain' is great PR. But after a good chunk of ever-so-reliable internet research I chose to visit The Old Ferry Boat Inn in Hollywell, near St Continue Reading

006 – Bake a Sourdough Loaf

The finished sourdough loaf

It was meeting Tom Herbert at the Do Lectures that inspired me to have a go at baking sourdough. And it was Tom who gave me a jar of 57 year old (55 years old in 2010) sourdough to take home and try. Luckily it came with a handy recipe card with all I would need to know to get going. The ingredients were listed as so: Strong white flour  -  460g Sourdough  -  300g Sea Salt  -  Continue Reading

007 – Drink a Bellini in Harry’s Bar (Venice)

A window at Harry's bar

When I told people I was going to Venice they said.. "You must go and drink a Bellini in Harry's Bar." I'm pretty susceptible to suggestions involving exotic drinks in interesting locations. So it went on the list. If I'm honest I'd never knowingly had a Bellini, or heard of Harry's bar. It sounded like an easy challenge though. Go to a bar and have a drink. It's not like it's The Old Continue Reading

005 – Go To A Sci-Fi Convention

Storm Troopers at Elstree Studio

This was another item on the 40at40 list this year that I was not sure I'd get done. Most conventions of this type I hear about happen in The States. Yet Sci-Fi has played such a huge part in my life, especially when growing up, I felt compelled to include it. I have been fascinated with science fiction since before I can remember. As a child, my agnostic Dad taught religious education in a Continue Reading

004 – Customize a Motorbike

Triumph 900 Custom

When I added 'Customize a motorbike' to my #40at40 list I was not thinking of any motorbike. I was of course thinking of my own. As I touched upon in a previous blog post, some people change their motorbike every year. If a bike is well looked after, the trade-in price or money from a private sale can go a long way to securing the latest model. There are I'm sure a heap of reasons for people Continue Reading

003 – Have a Yodeling Lesson

Yodeling Teacher

I was invited to Vienna by 'ORF' Austria's national public service channel. I was to be a guest on a TV show discussing the current challenges facing public service broadcasting. My Austrian friend Dan picked me up from Gratz and we drove into Vienna a day earlier. Dan had read my 40at40 list and figured he could at least help knock one item off the list. He had wanted to take me on Europe's Continue Reading