The Apple Watch For Fitness

Apple watch on Brooks trainers

After recording my initial thoughts in audio I had planned this post to be a more in depth look at my experience with the Apple Watch.  Instead I can save you a semi long read and summarise here.. If you don’t have an specific use in mind, like using the fitness tools, you don’t need the first iteration of the Apple Watch.  If you feel that tech can assist you on a mission to get fitter, I think Continue Reading

Elevation Challenge 2015

Elevation Challenge Route

I’ll be honest.  I get jealous writing about other peoples adventures.  Especially ones like this.  But I’ve really enjoyed playing my small part in the planning stages of the Elevation Challenge 2015. Ben Treasure and Erin Duffy plan to travel from the lowest to the highest point in Europe using human power alone.  They aim to cycle 5000km across western Europe, Turkey, Georgia and into Continue Reading

The Tangible Vinyl Revival

Pro-ject Carbon

Vinyl sales in the UK are at a 20 year high. This last week I’ve bought records from Oxfam, HMV and Action Records in Preston. My local Oxfam in Huntingdon has a sign in the street saying ‘Vinyl Revival This Way’ with an arrow pointing in the direction of the store.  Inside, amidst the books, there's a great selection of 33’s and 45’s, all researched by and priced fairly.  Well, more fairly for Continue Reading

Documenting Events – Kit List


The following kit list is what I packed before heading up to Gateshead for Thinking Digital 2015. Some of these links below are Amazon affiliate links. Please don't purchase anything on a whim. Read other reviews first. I’m not saying all this gear is what you would need to document an event. It’s just some of the kit I'm having fun experimenting with. There are also some multiples as I try to Continue Reading

We created something wondrous. Now let us learn how to use it.

Me in weird glasses

I’m a different person because of the internet. And as the internet as a medium changes, so do I.When at first new platforms took me into conversations and minds around the world, it felt like liberation. Unfettered creativity. Freedom of information. New tools taught me new ways to learn, communicate and share. The web was a most welcome bolt on for my mind. I still find it hard to grasp what’s Continue Reading

What’s In My Kitbag (Early 2015)

Documentally's Kit Feb2014

The kit I carry around for my work varies over time. But on the whole, I like to carry everything that enables me to talk, train and document. Tools not toys. This next month sees me speaking at the BBC in London and MojoCon in Dublin. I'll be training  and consulting in Chicago and LA and soon after documenting in the wilds of Canada. For public speaking I need projector adapters and a Continue Reading

People are not willing to trade privacy for security

Professor Kirstie Ball at the Open University

I imagine the security agencies see PR challenges as the least of their worries. Especially after the courts ruled that GCHQ’s surveillance breached human rights laws. Recently Privacy International and Liberty made use of Edward Snowden's disclosures in a successful legal challenge. This showed that GCHQ was unlawfully obtaining data through the NSA's program PRISM. Some think the general Continue Reading