The Toshiba T1200. 19 years in a cardboard box and still working.

Toshiba T1200 Vs 11 inchMac Air

There’s 26 years of design and innovation between these two laptops. The Toshiba T1200, my first ever laptop (need I say on the bottom) and the latest 11″ Apple Macbook air on the top. Both still work, but I am finding that the Macbook air has a habit of needing a hard restart once in […]

Add custom fonts to a Kindle Paperwhite

Kindle Paperwhite

DISCLAIMER: This is a simple procedure of dragging and dropping files to your origional Kindle Paperwhite while in USB mode. This is not a hack and does not require you to jailbreak your Kindle. That said, I take no responsibility for what may happen to your device in the unlikely event anything goes wrong. Recently […]

PirateBox – Collaborate and Share, Anywhere.


The PirateBox has come a long way since it’s inception in 2011 by David Darts. After reading about it’s existence I first got to interact with one at the Elevate Festival in Austria.  I remember downloading a book by Cory Doctorow and uploading an Mp3 from a band I used to be in.  It felt […]

Archiving Digital Audio

Olympus LS14

I’m not much for editing audio. Those that know me and my workflow will see that for the last few years I have mainly used the classic Audioboo app. Recording straight into my phone with a standard mic windshield over one end. I subscribe to my own Audioboo podcast feed in iTunes to grab the […]

Autographer, a review of the world first intelligent wearable camera.

Shooting a selfie in a toilet mirror while wearing the Autographer

I first got to have a play with the Autographer in March 2013. listen to ‘Seeing the unseen with @Autographer’ on Audioboo I had previously heard of Oxfords Metrics Group and their earlier sense cam designed to assist Alzheimer sufferers, but on this occasion I was specifically there to see the prototype device destined to […]

Cloud storage and that syncing feeling


What do I want with yet another cloud back-up and syncing service? Well free space for a start. Storage space for sharing my media, be it books, images, music and films etc. And then there is the ability to sync data across my apps and devices. My main workhorse is Dropbox but I get a little […]

Solar Powered WiFi Solution Using the Solarmonkey Adventurer

Solar Adventurer in Spain

I have been using the Solarmonkey Adventurer for around six months now. It normally sits in my office window charging and is often grabbed to take out with me to top up the battery on my iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. I have also been known to hang it in the window on a long haul flight […]

A ‘Heads Up’ on the Tech Chasm

Refugee camp

Up and out by 6:30am. Heading to the airport. Once out of Gaziantep the roads were empty. For the first time in a week I dipped into the feeds. The more I read the more the refugee crisis in Syria felt like a bad dream. On Twitter It seems everyone back home is going crazy […]

Lifesaver Bottle 6000UF (Primed and tested.)

Lifesaver Bottle 6000uf

Since the early 90′s I have always carried some form of water purification when travelling. This stems from nearly dying of Amoebic Dysentery in India. Not long after that adventure I found myself responsible for 18 travellers and myself as I would tour around Lake Victoria in Africa. The route would take us from Kenya, […]

The Future of Audioboo is Uncertain

Me and Mark Rock

The future of Audioboo is uncertain. Like most online spaces. But Audioboo isn’t like most online spaces. This page of blurted sentiment and opinion will probably seem a bit much to some. Perhaps I’m over reacting because something I deeply care about is threatened. I first blogged about Audioboo four years ago, not long after it’s launch. I […]