One Thousand Words on Audio

iPhone running Audioboom

Sat in my shed, headphones on. My attention flitting between writing and podcasts. I can’t do both. I find it hard enough to write as it is. Listening to podcasts or even songs with lyrics while writing triggers a tipping point where I can’t do either. I considered starting a mailing list this week. Just […]

Zoom H5 Handy Recorder Review

Zoom H5 Mic Module

Founded in Japan in 1983, Zoom have been around for a little over 30 years now. They initially worked with manufacturers developing sound generators for musical hardware. I’m glad that in 1989 they shifted into making their own hardware as for the last 7 years I’ve been a fan of their audio recorders. In 2007 […]

Interview Techniques

Me interviewing Brian Haw

I’m currently preparing slide decks for both the Milton Keynes International Festival and the Digital Wine Communicators Conference.  In both instances I’ve been asked if I can talk on Networked Storymaking with a focus on interview techniques. This is interesting as if I’m honest it’s not something I’ve thought about in depth. Until now that […]

Revisiting Syria

Photos taken while travelling Syria in 2013

I’m revisiting Syria. But only in this blog post. I made that trip in April, six months ago.  I wouldn’t be able to do it today. Blog post one (26th April 2013) Blog post two (28th April 2013) Blog post three (29th April 2013) Blog post four (30th April 2013) Blog post five (1st May […]

The iPad Mini (a mini review)

iPad Mini

[Disclaimer] I will be talking a lot about Apple products during this review. I have a lot of them and if these apps and tools I have become accustomed too existed on other devices, I’d be sure to be purchasing outside the Apple brand. I have no loyalty to Apple other than their expensive tools […]

John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman

Back in 1986 my paper round money went on a copy of John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman’s SAS Survival Handbook. I still have it. I’d managed to get a copy just before it was banned. Shortly after it was revised without the mantraps and chemical concoctions. All the bits we would talk about at school. I had […]

The Y-Cam Bullet IP Camera

I got sent the Y-Cam Bullet last year and then when I moved home it found itself into a box, only to be re-discovered last week. Cables, adapters, wall/ceiling mount, power lead, optional sun visor etc, all  come in the box. I had already purchased a Y-cam S in black over 2 years ago (the older […]

My 1000th Audioboo

Me and Audioboo on my iPhone with a 'spoffle' on.

Listen! Firstly I have to thank the soundsmith @MCFontaine for sending me this mashup created from a few of my audio recordings on  Audioboo. I love what he has done and am inspired to one day.. perhaps.. trawl through the (aprox) 83 hours of Audioboo’s I’ve done in the last two years. Prior to finding the Audioboo iPhone […]

The Pilgrim – Francis Ross Bush

I just found this photo on my desktop and thought I would post it with an Audioboo I recorded a little while back in London. listen to ‘Francis Ross Bush – Pilgrim’ on Audioboo And this is his YouTube Channel UPDATE: Two months after this meeting I posted a follow up blog with video.

Were Secret Societies The First Social Networks?

I am not a Freemason but i have been asked more than once to don the apron and swear the oaths.. I have also been told that Freemasonry is not a secret society, It is a society with secrets. Never-the-less, it was the thought of being admitted to a secret society that attracted me to […]