Another one bites the dust. Thanks Google+


Looks like Google have finally made their way up to the letter ‘D’ and suspended my profile.

I must admit, as soon as people started to get datassasinated I slowed down on posting to plus.

It’s not that I don’t want to put my real name in. It’s just that more people know me as Documentally than Christian Payne. It’s also not like i’m hiding anything. I pretty much blog everything I do.

Vic Gundotra from Google told Scoble that Google+ isn’t asking users to use their real names, but rather common names.. Well Documentally is my Common name.

I really liked using Google Plus and was working on a presentation so that I could share my joys with anyone who wanted to know more.

Policy is policy I guess. Even if I’m an ambassador for social platforms I like. I wonder if Google ‘google’ people to find out what they do for a living before pulling the plug. I guess it wouldn’t make any difference. They’re big enough not to care.

And I was just getting my head around them not being evil. 

[I have updated my post on my other blog dumbing down my initial excitement]


  1. Rhys Howell says

    I wonder whether i could have gotten away with ‘Rhys Isterix’. How would they know? You should have tried “Docume N’tally”

  2. heidi11s says

    Boooo…. You were one of only 22 people in my circles! Bad form Goggle+, bad form!

  3. joely says

    Google has a lot of ground to make up on Facebook. I’m not sure that alienating their comparatively minuscule base is exactly a world-class strategy.

  4. Documentally says

    Hi @Joely Thanks for the comment and yes. I have to agree. But then i would wouldn’t i. :)

  5. Otir says

    I haven’t really delved into studying that stuff myself, – and all the different passionate debate around it – but first impressions is that *I don’t really get it* – probably because I went from being Otir only to bringing up my full civil name (or at least part of it) to the internet world starting back in november 2010. And yes, people don’t recognize the full name, but they recognize the icon, don’t they. And there is a spot on Google+ profile where you can specify your “nickname” if nicknames and common name can be overlapped (or alias?).I know that early adopters love pointing out the fails ad nauseam because it will ultimately serve the better (or worse) good of the platform when it gets out of its beta stage. (And “beta” being a greek letter, does not preclude me from thinking that it rings as “stupid” in French!).Hope to see you back on soon, Christian, I already miss you :-)

  6. GemmaWent says

    Foolish foolish policy. Im struggling to see any value in it, to Google or us commoners. One big minus.

  7. Paul Gailey says

    Ask them to transfer your account to your real name like Ford/Pete Cashmore did. Seems only fair.

  8. Documentally says

    Thanks for the comments, suggestions and links guys. I am chatting with some Google folk in the back channels to find a solution where I don’t have to change my ‘common name’.

  9. Jeff Bundy says

    Here’s hoping that you (and many others) are able to reach a reasonable middle ground as quickly as possible. Google+ with @documentally @kosso, etc. will be a richer community with your presence, contributions, leadership and inspiration!

  10. loveforallmedia says

    Docummentally,You were also in my circle and you had some good articles. I placed something on my blog about Google’s policy on names being an abuse of power. There is a petition with over 1,500 signatures.…I also have it on a blog post with references to other articles on the matter including that you had your google+ account deleted: hope google reinstates you.Love for all,~LoveSetFree

  11. Documentally says

    yep @paulGailey good point. It’s just proving that Google knows little about social.

  12. Otir says

    I do not find you right on this one my dear friend, it’s not proving they know little, it’s proving it is a fine line and that technology is never easy to program to match exactly the diversity of configurations that the human brain is actually capable to create as a whole. Don’t be that harsh on a team that is offering tools that so far we like and can use for free. Sure enough they are designing the tools with profit in the end in mind, but the user end will still be taking social into consideration. This is still a less than two-month-old beta, and I am sure that the rightful outrage at this issue will – or is already been – be worked out to a satisfactory solution. I agree that I want to see aliases like yours be allowed, because this is how I would address you and search for you, although I have always known your real name, although I have never had the pleasure to hug you in the carbon world.

  13. Documentally says

    Hi @Otir I always respect your opinion. I’m not alone by thinking that Google’s #nymwars debacle is yet another sign that hey have issues getting their head around ‘social. Let’s not forget that they are an advertising company trying to provide a communication infrastructure for us to build social networks on. To quote @Solobasssteve “if I don’t have the right to choose how I should be addressed, I’ve lost something fundamental to my identity.”He’s not alone with these thoughts. Just take a look at the #nymwars hashtag.If we let this go then who knows how far this ridiculous policy will go. Some say this is the collision of Identity and capitalism. Or the end of freedom of expression.I say it’s much worse than that.Google don’t know what to do. This week i met more than one Google employee and talked frankly about all of this. One G+ dev asked me what I would do. I’d gladly tell them. What’s worrying though is that at the moment they don’t seem to have any answers.

  14. Otir says

    I agree, in the end, @Documentally, I agree. Google has definitely shown several times that they didn’t “get it right” from the get go – and maybe never will? I always give everyone the entire benefit of the doubt, because this is who I am, and this may *also* be the difference between fifty-years-olds and younger peeps, a silly thing called indulgence, and faith in people that they can learn from their mistakes!… if they listen…Because the key in this issue, will not be whether Google get it socially speaking, but will they want to listen to one part of the audience. It is not only in the social networks world that this issue of identity is happening, I am a living proof for it. I can get my own name to show properly as an immigrant because the social security department has stated it one way, and that will rule the entire rest of official papers giving my name. Well it is still call “social” security, isn’t it? What is social about it? Nothing :-) But at least the immigration department allowed me to state my aliases.And I fully agree with this: we are witnessing the very limits of identity and capitalism. One identity *cannot* be put in a mathematical or straightforward equation. Things are much more complex. I find that G+ has offered some unsatisfactory solutions so far, but we all have to voice, and they may be able in time to sort through the… cacophony.

  15. Otir says

    Oh and by the way, thanks for pointing me to #nymwars It’s allowing me to go read all takes on this issue, and that will certainly refine my pov – my opinions are never definitive as you very well know!