Royal Wedding Street Party

While visiting friends in the village of Belton, Leicestershire, I experienced a street party …

I took photos on my FujiFilm X100. It’s super discreet and having the fixed lens makes you work that little bit harder to get in close while all the time allowing you to really get to know the focal length. This helps to make ‘shooting from the hip’ less of a hit and miss endeavor.

The street party itself was a sight to see. So many had put in so much work to make the celebration a success.

Me.. Well I can take it or leave it. It made for a fascinating social study though.

I have a very feint memory of a street party to celebrate the Queens silver jubilee  in 1977. It was before I was even at school. I like it when  communities pull together for something that isn’t out of necessity or some kind of emergency. Villages can do so much when they collaborate.