Jeffrey Descovic at Podcamp NYC 2.0

Of all the memorable moments of Podcamp NYC 2.0 an impromptu meeting with Jeffrey Descovic touched me the most.

Jeff Descovic talks at Podcamp NYC 2.0

Jeffrey has an amazing story well documented HERE on his website and here on In addition Jeffrey’s myspace page is HERE. 

I was introduced to he by Rox from and a few minutes later i was doing an interview using Seesmic.

At the same time as we Seesmic’ed and Qik’ed.. Phil Campbell recorded on HD.

The Innocence of Jeffrey Deskovic from Phil Campbell – England on Vimeo.

View the full interview on Seesmic with the thread here..

..and just as a footnote.. here is a photo of me and Phil on Chris Brogan’s blog and some more podcamp action from the podcast Push My Follow..


  1. says

    Hi Christian.

    Big thanks to you and Phil for covering this topic and showing the dignity, strength and thoughtfulness of Jeffrey Deskovic.

    A real topic that in someways we in the UK feel very removed from because we don’t have a Death Penalty anymore. I very thankful for that too, not because I’m a wet liberal but because of how easy it is, even in the days of DNA testing, that miscarriages of justice occur. Once a life is taken away, it can’t be given back again.

    Also the Death Penalty is the easy way out for any society and can be so easily abused.

    Anyway, Christian I have more to say on the subject and more to think through.

    Good work maestro, Castro :)

  2. says

    Christian – thank yo so much. You are a fabulous interviewer – no doubt because you instantly and deeply grasped the humanity of Jeff’s situation and opened your heart to him fully.

    The photo is also awesome. I am deeply grateful to you and Phil Campbell for being able to see and share so clearly.